Thursday, January 13, 2011

Livin' in a box, livin' in a 3d box...

Ok, that's a pretty weak title name but that's how I feel. Really gotten back into my 3D work this week after a pretty long hiatus due to college and a dip in motivation.

But I'm back baby, and I changed the model of the crow for our film. Voila:

I also built the rig. Everything's ready to go except IK (he says as if that wasn't the hard part). Here's the rig:

Now on to the next thing I've lost a chunk of my week to: the thief type character. He's done now. Not going to texture him for now cause I wanna get to animating him. Here he is:

And a wireframe

Really looking forward to getting animating with this guy. He's gonna be the model I use primarily for my games animation showreel. Roll on SCRUM list!

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